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The potential for Meetingful is, to say the least, significant. We know of no other platform capable of doing what Meetingful does. Almost any organization of any size, whether private sector, public sector, academic, or not for profit can:


  • Create reports of all types in 1/10th the time it is done currently, saving substantial time and money
  • Produce insights from meetings they never knew existed…saving time, increasing revenue, lowering costs
  • As you grow your library of meetings, uncover connections, trends and awareness about your team, your clients, your industry that are of significant value


Business Reporting Software


The cumulative value and size of audience is, we confidently believe, huge and worldwide. The different use cases that early testers have shared with us is substantial beyond our lofty hopes.


To date, Meetingful has been bootstrapped and investment has not been pursued. As we move from MVP to Beta and very soon into production that changes. The Meetingful team is now welcoming and exploring investment partners and options.


Currently, Meetingful is incorporated in Canada. While we appreciate and welcome conversations with any who are interested in this unique opportunity, we are concentrating on support from the United States. To that end, we are open to be incorporated in Delaware, ensure that our intellectual property is located in the United States, and consider other elements that would facilitate U.S. partnership.


We are very excited about our future and look forward to growing with the right team and partners.


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