Meetingful is a ground-breaking AI-based application that allows meeting reports, minutes, meeting comparisons and more to be done accurately, automatically created 10x faster than doing it on your own. Launching soon...sign up for the Beta today and see for yourself!

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You Do What?

Meetingful has designed unique methods and algorithms that can take any audio file and produce a report just as if you wrote it. Customize your report, get key findings, compare multiple meetings, use our report templates, adjust audience members, query your meetings if you need more than our automated reports and do it all with a few clicks. Sign up for our Beta today.

About the Beta

If you are intrigued about what Meetingful has to offer, help yourself by trying it out. And you will help us with your insights and feedback from your experience. We have limited numbers so sign up today.

Human Insights

Unlocking the Value of your meetings

Some organizations have to report on their meetings, many would like to but don't have the time. We ALL want to get value from our meetings and tap into hard to find trends and insights. Meetingful does all of this...automatically.

Everything you need...and more

Meetingful is built by experts who analyze meeting data and build reports. We have ensured that all the key aspects of what they do are included...and done automatically; key insights, customized reports and templates, meeting comparisons and much, much more.

Business Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Reports. Analysis by Meetingful. Design by you!

Meetingful is designed to produce a deep understanding of what took place during your meeting. These many sections of insights can be easily weaved together by you to produce the report that you need. Or you can simply select one of our growing number of report templates!

Find value you didn't think existed

Meetingful has numerous unique AI-based tools that allow you to automatically compare multiple meetings and produce a cumulative analysis. Not enough? You can ask questions about single or multiple meetings and receive an extensive, insightful and accurate response back (and we'll suggest some other questions too).

Report Generator

What Users Are Saying

Meetingful is in its early days but already has many use cases - well beyond our initial scope - that are being shared with us by those that are Beta testing. Here's a few...

“Our Human Resource team conducts about 150 unit meetings annually with different parts of the organization. All meetings use the same 4 questions. Meetingful would save us hundreds and hundreds of hours, produce a better report and allow us to easily compare our units, find trends. Brilliant work. No brainer to purchase. ”
Global VP, People
Private Sector Multinational
“In our county, we have so many boards, commissions, and standing committees that we have actually have a Minutes Department. Meetingful provides a really good, automated set of minutes as long as we have the transcript. Easy to edit what's produced. Basically, it does the work in about 1/10 the time that it takes us.”
Chief Administrator
County government, State of Tennessee
“I produce reports of all types for a living. My results with Meetingful were astonishing. I took a number of transcripts which I would usually review myself and produced a great report with Meetingful in minutes. Instead of 12-13 hours to produce the report, I spent an hour editing before sending to the client.”
Business Analyst
Publivate Inc.