Beta Signup

Signup for the Beta and experience Meetingful yourself!

We are delighted to be able to offer to organizations the opportunity to join our Beta. This limited time arrangement will allow up to 100 organizations to upload up to 10 hours of meetings per month at no cost. These organizations will get a first hand understanding of the powerful capabilities of Meetingful.


Meeting Report Template


If you are accepted into the Beta, we would ask that you take the time to respond to no more than 2 surveys that will help us to further improve the application.


The first step is to apply for the Beta. As early as September 15, 2023 we will be contacting successful applicants to let them know their login credentials.


If you are not contacted, please bear with us as we ramp up. We know from early testing and unveiling at Collision in Toronto, Canada in June of this year that what we have created has widespread interest and enthusiasm.